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One powerful definition of innovation based on the Creative Problem Solving framework is proactively seeking new problems to solve, new ways to solve existing problems, and new ways to implement business-building ideasWe help our clients develop their innovation capability by applying the Creative Problem Solving process at the individual level, in teams, or at the organizational level.

There are many variants of the Creative Problem Solving process that have been published since the pioneering work of Alex Osborn and Sid Parnes in the 1950s. Rockdale Innovation has adopted the Simplex® model developed by Min Basadur. We have augmented the Simplex® model by incorporating tools from other problem solving approaches like Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), Design Thinking, and Six Sigma. The innovation guides at Rockdale Innovation have applied this model along with our extensive toolbox to thousands of personal, professional, and organizational challenges around the world.

Individuals: Creative Problem Solving Training
We have a proven Train-the-Trainer program for installing innovation capability within client organizations. We empower in-house facilitators and practitioners to proactively diagnose and solve tough business problems.
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Teams: Innovation Workshops
We have worked with hundreds of teams across all phases of new product development. Our facilitators combine deep customer, technical, and business expertise with best-in-class innovation methods to create customized workshops.
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Organizations: Organizational Design for Innovation
Organizational Design for Innovation is an application of the Creative Problem Solving process for improving innovation effectiveness. We design end-to-end new product development work processes that are customized to each client’s unique business circumstances.
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