Rockdale Innovation, LLC
New Product Development & Innovation Consultants


We have worked with hundreds of teams in all phases of new product development. Our facilitators combine deep customer, technical, and business expertise with best-in-class innovation methods to create customized workshops to accelerate business growth.

Below are examples of common business challenges we have successfully solved. 

  • Product/Package Innovation: Develop robust product/package ideas by immersing your team in the needs of the consumer and potential enabling technologies (What’s Needed / What’s Possible).
  • Commercial Innovation:  Create robust communication strategies that drive brand loyalty by combining deep consumer insights with key product points of differentiation.
  • Cost Innovation:  Identify breakthrough cost savings opportunities both internally and across the supply chain.
  • Technical Problem Solving: Clearly define and align on the key technical challenges in your product, package, or process that are limiting business success.  Identify alternative breakthrough solutions and develop a Learning Plan outlining proof-of-principle testing.
  • Strategic Visioning: Develop and align on an aspirational vision for your organization. Identify the deliberate choices and bold steps needed to engage the organization in making the required changes.
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